Multiscale Interfacial Transport (MIT) Laboratory

Our group focuses on theoretical, numerical and experimental research on fundamental mechanisms of transports with applications in oil/gas exploration and exploitation, protection and purification of water/gas resources, design and optimization of microfluidics and nanofluidics, and new materials analysis.

¨            Micro/nanoscale Interfacial Transport: thermal, electrokinetic, reactive and viscoelastic flows with particles, bubbles or drops;

¨            Multiscale Multiphase/Multiphysico-chemical transports in Porous Media;

¨            Multiscale and hierarchical modeling: Hybrid atomistic-continuum algorithms; Multiple scale modeling (CFD, LBM, DSMC, MD, …); Applied mathematics

¨            Physics of heat transfer and thermodynamic optimization at extreme scales (time and space);

¨            Physics in unconventional oil/gas exploration and developments: EOR, shale gas and tight rock gas, methane hydrate

¨            Environmental concerns in energy developments: CO2 sequestration and utilization, water and air purification, induced earthquake



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