Codes and Facilities


Ø  Generalized Enskog Monte Carlo (GEMC)

GEMC is for high-Kn real gas flows modeling in MEMS/NEMS and astronautics (re-entry problem for example)


Ø  Quartet Structure Generation Set (QSGS)

QSGS is for reconstruction of porous media microstructure with statistical and stochastic features (rocks, soil, and composites for examples)



PBDOM is for directly solving phonon Boltzmann equation for heat transport in nanomaterials.


Ø  MultiPhyChem

MPC is to simulate multiphysiochemical coupling transports in porous media




IMG_0643    IMG_0644

HAAKE Mars III rheometer system

  integrated electronics for temperature modules and valves

  torque range from 3nNm up to 0.2Nm

  Nf -50 up to 50 N (0.001 N)

  CS 10^{-7} up to 1500 rpm


IMG_0649    IMG_0651

SurPASS Zeta potential analyzer (Anton Paar)

  Steaming potential: -2000~+2000 mV

  Steaming current: -200~200 A

  pH: 2~12

  Temperature: 20~30C

  size: 540 mm430 mm593mm

DL700E+ thermal infrared imager with high temperature module (1200 C)!w300x300.jpg

TCI thermal property analyzer

  Thermal conductivity: 0.04~120 w/(m K)

  time: 0.8~5 second

  minimum sample size: 17 mm

  temperature: -50~200 C

  Accuracy: better than 1%

Drop volume tensiometer (KRUSS)

  Measurement range:0,1 - 100 mN/m


Contact Angle Measurement (KRUSS)

  contact angle: 1~180, resolution: 0.01

  Surface tension: 0.1~2000 mN/m, resolution: 0.01 Cluster computational server GPU workstations

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