Qifeng Lv



Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Engineering Mechanics

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China

Email: keephong/at/126.com



PhD in Hydraulic Engineering,    Tsinghua University,                       7/2014

MSc in Civil Engineering,            Beijing Jiaotong University,            1/2011

BSc in Civil Engineering,             Southwest Jiaotong University,      7/2008


Research Interests

Flows in porous media

Microflows and nanoflows

Rarefied gas dynamics

Navier-Stokes equations

Conservation and constitutive laws of fluids

Dark matter and dark energy



2013  National Award for Doctoral Students



English papers

1.      Q. Lv, Z. Chen and M. Wang*. An improved elastic-tube model for the correlation of permeability and stress with correction for the Klinkenberg effect. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 48: 24-35, 2017

2.      Qifeng Lv, Enzhi Wang, Xiaoli Liu and Sijing Wang. Determining the intrinsic permeability of tight porous media based on bivelocity hydrodynetics. Microfluid. Nanofluid. 16, 841 – 848 (2014). doi: 10.1007/s10404-014-1332-z

3.      Qifeng Lv, Xiaoli Liu, Enzhi Wang and Sijing Wang. Analytical solution to predicting gaseous mass flow rates of microchannels in a wide range of Knudsen numbers. Phys. Rev. E 88, 013007 (2013). doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.88.013007

4.      Qifeng Lv, Sijing Wang and Moran Wang. Momentum equations of Newtonian fluids fully in the Eulerian perspective.(submitted for publication. A popular version named "Do the Navier-Stokes equations embody all physics in a flow of Newtonian fluids?" is on arXiv:1403.6562)


Chinese papers

5.      Qifeng Lv and Mingli Huang. Test method of elastic parameters on the surface of geo-materials. Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering 28, (2011)

6.      Qifeng Lv, Mingli Huang and Xuefeng Han. Construction sequence of overlapping tunnels. Railway Standard Design (10), (2010)

7.      Mingli Huang, Xiaoming Guan and Qifeng Lv. Mechanism analysis of induced fracture grouting based on elasticity. Rock and Soil Mechanics (7), (2013)


Chinese patents

8.      Qifeng Lv, Mingli Huang. An immediate method and apparatus for testing the elastic parameters on the surface of geo-materials. Patent No.: CN201010033886.1   Issued date: 8/25/2010

9.      Mingli Huang, Qifeng Lv, Zhongsheng Tan, Jianguo Liu. A method and apparatus for testing the effect of consolidation grouting in tunnels. Patent No.: CN201010159730.8   Issued date: 9/29/2010

10.  Mingli Huang, Qifeng Lv, Zhongsheng Tan, Shufeng Pei and Yachao Huo. A method for induced fracturing grouting in shallow buried tunnels. Patent No.: CN201110034279.1   Issued date: 6/15/2011


Registered software

11.  Qifeng Lv. Codes for calculating mechanical parameters in horizontal cavities of geo-materials (MechparaHC) v1.0. Registered No.: 2012SRBJ6240  Registered date: 12/25/2010