л/Chiyu XIE

Postdoctoral Fellow

Center for Subsurface Energy and the Environment,

The University of Texas at Austin


Email: chiyu.xie/at/gmail.com




Doctor of Engineering (2012~)

l  Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University

l  Supervisor: Prof. Moran Wang

Bachelor of Engineering (2008-2012)

l  School of Energy and Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

l  Ranking: Top 3 of 400 Students in the School, GPA: 91/100

l  Thesis: Mechanism and Experimental Investigation of underfill flow in a circular flip-chip


Work Experiences

Postdoctoral Fellow (2018~)

The University of Texas at Austin

Visiting Researcher (2020.01~2020.03)

Total E&P USA, Inc., Houston

Visiting Researcher (2015-2016)

Pore scale modeling group @ Imperial College London


Research Interests

1.      Multiphase flow through porous media (with heterogeneity)

2.      Interfacial mechanics

3.      Multiphase non-Newtonian fluid dynamics

4.         Lattice Boltzmann algorithm and its applications

5.         Multiscale strategies (molecular mesoscale core scale field scale)

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Multiphase transport in porous media                             A falling droplet on a plastic wall

(Experiment .vs. LBM modeling)


Honors and Awards

1.      2018 Tsinghua Friendship Scholarship C Si Ji Mu Ge Scholarship

2.      2016 National Prize for Graduate Students

3.      2014 Tsinghua Friendship Scholarship C IHI Scholarship

4.      2010 Outstanding Student of Huazhong University of S & T



In Journals

1.      C.Y. Xie, W. Lei, M. Balhoff, M. Wang* and S. Chen. Self-adaptive preferential flow control using dispersed polymers in heterogeneous porous media. Journal Fluid Mechanics 906: A10, 2021 (cover page).

2.      C. Xie*, K. Xu, K. Mohanty, M. Wang and M.T. Balhoff*. Non-wetting droplet oscillation and displacement by viscoelastic fluids. Physical Review Fluids. 5: 063301, 2020.


The oscillation of a non-wetting droplet displaced by viscoelastic fluids due to the elastic turbulence

3.      W. Lei, T. Liu, C. Xie, T. Wu and M. Wang*. EOR Mechanism and recovery performance of micro-gel particle suspensions by microfluidic experiments. Energy Science & Engineering. 8: 986C 998, 2020.

4.      W. Lei, C. Xie, T. Wu, X. Wu and M. Wang*. Transport mechanism of deformable micro-gel particle through micropores with mechanical properties characterized by AFM. Scientific Reports, 9: 1453, 2019.

5.      C. Xie, W. Lei and M. Wang*. Lattice Boltzmann model for three-phase viscoelastic fluid flow. Physical Review E, 97: 023312, 2018.

6.      C. Xie, W. Lv, and M. Wang*. Shear-thinning or Shear-thickening Fluid for Better EOR? A Direct Pore-scale Study. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 161: 683-691, 2018.

Pore-scale results demonstrate that merely shear-thinning effect does not contribute too much for conformance control in heterogeneous rock

7.      J. Zheng, Z. Chen, C. Xie, Z. Wang, Z. Lei, Y. Ju and M. Wang*. Characterization of spontaneous imbibition dynamics in irregular pores by lattice Boltzmann modeling. Computers & Fluids, 168: 21-31, 2018.

8.      C. Xie, A.Q. Raeini, Y. Wang, M. Blunt* and M. Wang*. An improved pore-network model including viscous coupling effects using direct simulation by the lattice Boltzmann method. Advances in Water Resources. 100: 26-34, 2017.

The upscaling strategy from LBM to the pore network simulation

9.      C. Xie#, G. Liu# and M. Wang*. Evaporation Flux Distribution of Drops on a Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic Flat Surface by Molecular Simulations. Langmuir, 32(32): 8255-8264, 2016.

Absorption Effect on Evaporation Flux Distribution

10.   C. Xie, J. Zhang, V. Bertola and M. Wang*. Lattice Boltzmann Modeling for Multiphase Viscoplastic Fluid Flow. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 234: 118-128, 2016.


Two-phase Co-current Bingham flow (Simulation .vs. Analytical solution).

11.   C. Xie, J. Zhang, V. Bertola and M. Wang*. Droplet evaporation on a horizontal substrate under gravity field by mesoscopic modeling. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 463: 317-323, 2016.

The phase-field LBM with evaporation scheme to determine when does the gravity effect become negligible at smaller sizes.

12.   Z. Chen, C. Xie, Y. Chen and M. Wang*. Bonding Strength Effects in Hydro-Mechanical Coupling Transport in Granular Porous Media by Pore-Scale Modeling. Computation, 4(1): 15, 2016.

13.     C. Xie, J. Wang, N. Pan, D. Wang and M. Wang*. Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Thermal Conduction in Composite Materials with Thermal Contact Resistance. Communications in Computational Physics, 17: 1037-1055, 2015.


TCR impact on the effective conductivity of composite materials

14.   C. Xie, J. Zhang and M. Wang*. Lattice Boltzmann modeling of non-Newtonian multiphase fluid displacement. (In Chinese) Chinese Journal of Computational Physics, 33(2): 147-155, 2016.

15.     C. Xie and M. Wang*. Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Drop Evaporation on a Horizontal Solid Substrate. (In Chinese) Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 35(3): 247-253, 2014.


In International Conferences

1.      Oral: Self-Adaptive Preferential Flow Control Using Dispersed Polymers in Heterogeneous Porous Media. AGU Fall Meeting, December 2019, San Francisco, USA.

2.      Invited talk: Surface Flux Distribution of an Evaporating Sessile Droplet. 2017 EMN Meeting on Surface & Interface, May 2017, Jeju, Korea.

3.      Poster: Shear-thinning or Shear-thickening Fluid for Better EOR? A Direct Pore-scale Study. 9th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting, May 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

4.      Oral: Lattice Boltzmann Modeling for Multiphase Yield-stress Fluid Flow. 1st International Conference of Microfluidics, Nanofluidics and Lab-on-a-chip, June 2016, Dalian, China.

5.         Oral: Pore-Scale Modeling of Non-Newtonian Fluid Displacement in Microporous Media. 7th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting, May 2015, Padova, Italy.

Non-Newtonian Effect on Relative Permeability

6.      Oral: Modeling Evaporation of a Small Drop on a Horizontal Substrate. 12th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels, Aug 2014, Chicago, USA.

7.      Oral: Mesoscopic Modeling of Gravity Effects on Drop Evaporation on a Horizontal Substrate. 13th International Thermal Engineering Conference of Tsinghua-Seoul-Kyoto Universities, Nov 2013, Beijing, China.

8.      Oral: Lattice Boltzmann model for thermal conduction in composite materials with thermal contact resistance. 10th International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science, Jul 2013, Oxford University, UK.