Jiangtao Zheng/֣


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Engineering Mechanics

School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China

Email: zjt27710/at/163.com


HobbiesBasketball, Football, Running.




Ph.D. & M.S. (2010.09-2015.12), Civil Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing

Supervisor: Prof. Yang Ju.

Ph.D. Thesis: Study on the stress-dependent properties of low-permeability rock and 3D rock porous structure reconstruction. [Chinese Version]

B.S. (2006.09-2010.07), Civil Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing



Joint Ph.D. Program (2013.11-2014.12), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, CA, U.S.

Supervisor: Prof. Hui-Hai Liu, Liange Zheng

 Oil and gas exploitation intern (2015.06-09), Schlumberger Ltd., Beijing, China.

Project: Wellbore Stability Analysis


Research Interests

Two-phase flow in porous media

3D Pore morphology reconstruction and its effects on rock properties

Mechanical and hydrodynamic coupling for low permeability rock


Two phase flow in bifurcations


In Journal

1.         Zheng J., Z. Chen, C.Y. Xie, Z. Wang, Z. Lei, Y. Ju and M. Wang*. Characterization of spontaneous imbibition dynamics in irregular pores by lattice Boltzmann modeling. Computers & Fluids, 2017

2.         Zheng J., Wang Z., Gong W, Ju Y, Wang M*. Characterization of nanopore morphology of shale and its effects on gas permeability. Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering. 47: 83-90, 2017.

3.         Zheng J., Ju Y.*, Liu H.-H., Zheng L. and Wang M. (2016). "Numerical prediction of the decline of the shale gas production rate with considering the geomechanical effects based on the two-part Hookes model." Fuel 185: 362-369.

4.         Zheng J., Zheng L., Liu H.-H. and Ju Y*. (2015). "Relationships between permeability, porosity and effective stress for low-permeability sedimentary rock." International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 78: 304-318.

5.         Zheng J., Ju Y*. and Zhao X. (2014). "Influence of pore structures on the mechanical behavior of low-permeability sandstones: numerical reconstruction and analysis." International Journal of Coal Science & Technology 1(3): 329-337.

6.         Ju Y*., Zheng J., Epstein M., Sudak L., Wang J. and Zhao X. (2014). "3D numerical reconstruction of well-connected porous structure of rock using fractal algorithms." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 279(9): 212-226.

In Conference

1.         Zheng J., Ju Y.*, Wang J., Yang Y., Zhao X. and Gao F. (2013). 3D Numerical Reconstruction of Poorly Connected Porous Sandstones. 47th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, American Rock Mechanics Association.