MORAN WANG    [PDF]  [Chinese Version]

Department of Engineering Mechanics,

& Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics

School of Aerospace

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Phone:      86-10-627-87498 (O)

Fax:          86-10-627-81610

E-mail: mrwang/at/



1999.9 to 2004.7                Ph.D. & M.S.,              ME,                     Tsinghua University

Ph.D. Thesis: Monte Carlo Simulations on Micro- and Nanoscale Gas Flow and Heat Transfer [Chinese version]

M.S. Thesis: Experimental Investigation and Mechanism Analysis of Phase Transition Driven MicroPump

1995.9 to 1999.7                B.S.,                              ME,                     Tsinghua University

Major achievements

l   Electrokinetic transport in microfluidics and nanofluidics

l   Structure-property relationship of multiphase porous materials

l   High-Kn high-density gas flow and heat transfer

l   Performance analysis of micro sensors and actuators

Research Interests

¨             Micro/nanoscale Interfacial Transports

¨             Multiscale Multiphase Multiphysicochemical (M3) transports in porous media

¨             Physics in unconventional oil/gas exploration and developments

¨             Physics of heat transfer and thermodyanics at nano scale (time and space)

¨             Multiscale modeling; Hybrid and Upscaling; mesoscopic simulations

¨             Energy conversion and energy efficiency optimization

¨             Rheology of complex fluids and soft materials

Research Experiences

2011 - present             Professor @ DEM/SOA&CNMM, Tsinghua University

2008 - 2011                Oppenheimer Fellow @ EES16 & T4 & CNLS, Los Alamos National Lab

2006 -2008                 Research Associate @ NEAT & BAE, University of California at Davis

2004 - 2006                Postdoctoral research fellow @ ME, Johns Hopkins University


2018 - 2019                Visiting Professor @ MAE, Princeton University, USA

2007 - 2012                Visiting Scientist @ ME, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Recent Awards/Honors

2014-17      “Highly cited author in China” by Elsevier

2016            Excellent Textbook Award of Tsinghua University

2016            Best Keynote Award in 3RD Int. Symposium on Unconventional Geomechanics

2015            Best Paper Award in Annual Conference of China Geoscience

2014            "Excellent Class Mentor" of Tsinghua University

2013            "Wu Zhonghua" Distinguished Young Scholar Award of China

2012            Selected in Fundamental Research Program (221) of Tsinghua University

2010            LAAP Publication Award

2008            J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellowship Award

2006            Distinguished Ph.D Dissertation of China, Honorable Mention

2004            Distinguished Ph.D Dissertation of Tsinghua University

2004            Distinguished Ph.D graduate of Tsinghua University

2004            "Academic NewStar" Prize of Tsinghua University

2004            "NSK" Sino-Japan Friendship Best Paper Award of Mechanics Engineering School

Academic Services

Membership:   American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2003~), AIAA(2003~)

American Physics Society (2005~)

American Geophysical Union (2009~)

InterPore (2012~, lifetime member)

Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics

Editorship:      Associate Editor, Journal of Fluid Engineering (ASME, SCI)

Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth (AGU, SCI)

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (Elsevier, SCI)

Associate Editor, Energy (Elsevier, SCI, 2012-2017)

Editorial Board Member, Energies (MDPI, SCI)

Editorial Board Member, Energy Science and Engineering (Wiley, SCI)

Associate Editor, Journal of Porous Media (Begellhouse, SCI)

Editorial Board Member, Transport in Porous Media (Springer, SCI)

Associate Editor, Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media (STRPM) (Begellhouse, SCI)

Associate Editor, Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources (Elsevier, SCI, 2015-2017)

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Petroleum and Natural Gas (Jacob)

Editorial Board Member, Petroleum (Elsevier & AiKe)